Monday, December 6, 2010

Huguette Clark

I came across this story this summer, it's pretty awesome. So, Hugette Clark is 103 and living in a nursing home or a hospital currently, no one really knows except her lawyer. She owns some of the most insane real estate in the country, yet hasn't lived in nearly any of them for about 50 years. They look untouched, which they should since staff is still paid to maintain each one.

Her father was a miner who struck it rich owning copper mines, silver, oil, coffee, sugar, etc, etc. His wealth rivaled Rockafeller and was estimated to be worth the equivalent of $1.4 Billion in today's money. When she was born in Paris in 1906 her mother was 23, her father 62. Her father, who was also once a senator of Montana, built them a $7 million mansion on 5th Avenue in NYC which cost about 3x the price to build the first Yankee's stadium.

It's a very interesting story my brother came across on MSNBC and I just rediscovered it. Here are a few of her properties:

Her $100 million estate in Santa Barbara, CA

Her 42 room, 15,000 square foot 5th Avenue apartment overlooking Central Park, which was never moved into:

Her father was a huge art collector and in 2003, she sold this Renoir for a reported $23.5 million

Just a pretty amazing story that should definitely be checked out. So much history, yet very little is known.

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