Thursday, February 3, 2011

Exit Through the Gift Shop

I recently viewed the Banksy documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop, in which the infamous, yet unidentified, graffiti artist shows the progression of street art and how it essentially came to be an art form that is not completely frowned upon.

In the film, the artist gives a first-hand commentary on how he was introduced to a "film-maker", Thierry, when he made a trip to LA. Thierry's cousin was a renowned street artist, whom he followed when he would go out to create his art. Thierry knew just where to take Banksy so that his work could be seen by the masses, just for effect.

His work has meaning, it's not just someone scribbling on a wall just to feel like a badass. He has a way of taking what people feel is so important and throws it right back in our faces, which instantly gets you thinking. He travels the world, hitting the major cities and areas in those cities, and tries to leave his mark where he can get the biggest impact possible. Some of his work is saved and seen as the artwork I feel it is but some don't last very long.  He has shows to display some of his work and brings in top dollar, one shown in the documentary is a modified phone booth that he placed on a street corner in London. This piece in particular brought in over $500,000 at an auction.

Just sayin', check out the film.

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