Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Row

When I should have been studying for midterms this week I was busy looking at the runway shows from NYFW. It would kind of make sense for me to post some of the looks I pulled but they were few and far between and frankly, they look just like anything else I've posted.

While looking through the sideshows and watching videos I came across Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's high-end line, The Row. Their menswear is off to a slow start and I'm still looking to find something worth the price. But! After viewing their newest looks (inspired by Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Triplets of Belleville) I couldn't help but to think about just how far these two fashion lovers have come. I mean, they began acting at like 2 seconds old and now they are legit fashion designers, though easily overlooked at first because for some reason they hate the spot light.

The looks at this year's show were amazing, though you PETA lovers may disagree. Here are some of my top choices:

These are just a few examples of their talent, which I think is getting better with every season. Though I am absolutely a guy, I can really appreciate their craftsmanship for what they do.  I definitely respect someone when they are doing what they truly love and they do it to their best abilities.

Sidenote: Can we look at Mary-Kate in Giambattista Valli? I mean.

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