Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's that time of year...

The Los Angeles Auto Show opened to the public today! Even if it seems as though I'm pretty excited about it, I was a little disappointed. As I browse the pages on Autoweek and other car news websites I tend to get pretty excited anytime an auto show takes place. I like to think I appreciate the automobile in what it's supposed to represent: beauty, self expression and a way to get people talking. Okay, so maybe that last one could just be a personal one, but really though. When you see a car that makes you think whether you like it or not is usually what I go for. Bright red Audi anyone?

With that being said, I didn't see much of that so far with the coverage of the LA show. Porsche Panameras, Infiniti QX56s, G WAGONS!, Chrysler Crossfires, etc. are some of my favorites that usually don't coincide with my peers.

Here are my favorites from the show:

And since I mentioned it:

 Just doesn't get any better than that....

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