Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lady of the Weekend

I figure since I find certain women in the entertainment and fashion industry to be so influential I'm going to do one post a week similar to that of my post about Daphne Guinness (see "The Gist of Things").

First and foremost, I have been approached by a few of my personal friends that read my blog with their concerns about my lack of a post about Lindsay Lohan. I know she's kind of a mess but if she's back to liking men, I feel it's my turn to have a shot with her (this is to put into perspective just how I feel about her).

But in all seriousness, no matter how good or bad her acting skills (or lack there of) may be, she easily has the most insane fashion sense of any woman out there. She always looks sexy, even with her eyes closed, mouth agate, passed out in the front seat of an Escalade. She's always pushing the boundaries in the fashion world, which sometimes has gotten her banned from designer's shows, but even that doesn't stop her from doing and wearing what she wants. And hey, her Ungaro collaboration might not have gone all that well, but 6126 is doing just fine. Nonetheless, she has crazy style and that wins a matching amount of respect in my eyes. She's on the fast track to a come back and I know it's going to happen. So, since she has no current work for me to admire (rehabs don't let you do photo shoots? that's weird...) I can only look back on what about her is sooo attractive.

Also, she's got legz fo' dayz and that's always amazing on a woman.

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